Capture Form

The Capture Form tab of the builder has 3 main parts to it.

Capture Form

The left side provides a preview of your current capture form that was set when creating the Activation or in the Capture Data part of the builder. You can quickly access and edit this form by clicking the pencil icon in the bottom right.

Custom HTML editor

The right side of the builder lets you create and edit custom content that will be displayed. You can put text, images, or HTML code in order to give extra information in regards to the form or activation.

Quick Buttons

The bottom right contains 5 quick buttons

  1. The first button makes the form full screen, removing the HTML portion if you do not need it.

  2. The second button places the Capture Form on the left side, custom HTML on right (default)

  3. The third button places the Capture Form on the right side, custom HTML on the left

  4. The fourth button opens your Capture Form in a new tab for editing

  5. The fifth button lets you preview your Capture Form page