Probability Calculation Mode

There are two options for prize calculation mode, automatic and manual.

In automatic our system will adjust the chances of people winning each prize based on the quantity available and updated real time as prizes get awarded. More information can be found on this page.

In manual you have control. You can specify the custom probability each prize has to be won. This is great if you have only 1 of a prize that should be very low chance someone wins, like a car. More information about this mode can be found on this page.

Use Prize Points Toward Leaderboard

This option allows you to assign point values to each prize. Those points then get added to the final score someone received when posting to the leaderboard. Example Fred wins Prize 2, and finished with a score of 23. Prize 2 is assigned 50 leaderboard points. Freds final score on the leaderboard would be 73 after combining the two.

The Prize Items

The individual prizes have several sections to them.

  1. The Plus or Minus let you add or remove the number of prizes you are working with.

  2. The gear lets you setup the fulfillment action performed when the prize is won.

  3. Name lets you provide the name of the prize awarded.

  4. Quantity lets you setup how many prizes are available and used for probability calculations

  5. Custom Probability is only available if your in Manual Calculation mode and allows you to specify how rare the prize is.

  6. Leaderboard Points is only available if Prize Points is enabled. This is the amount of points on the leaderboard the prize is worth.

  7. Upload lets you setup an image for the prize.

  8. Star when selected (Yellow in color) means a firework display should happen when someone wins this prize.

  9. Lightbulb lets you setup system notifications when this prize is won.

  10. Winner Toggle lets you configure prizes to go down the Winner path (fulfillments, messages, animations) or Not A Winner path. Useful if you need multiple prizes for Activations like Spin to Win, but only 1 prize should be an actual winner.

Shared Prizes

Shared Prizes let you have configured rewards that use the same inventory across multiple games. This is useful if you have a set physical inventory, and want to include that inventory in multiple activations. More information can be found on the Shared Prizes page.

Percent Chance of Winning

If the activation is a type that you can win or lose randomly such as dice rolling, or crack the safe with scratch card you can setup how often the activation should result in a winner. Not every activation has this option.

Prize Threshold

When a prize is won, and the number of remaining prizes is below this number then a custom message is displayed. This allows for people to understand the prize won may no longer be available.

Prize Threshold Message

The actual message that will be displayed when inventory drops below the above configured Threshold