Shared Prizes

If you are going to be running multiple Activations at your event, you can share prizes between the various Activations. An example of this would be if you have 100 T-Shirts to give away, but you want people to have a choice to play Guess a word, or Whack-a-Mole to have a chance to win one of those 100 T-Shirts.

To add a Shared Prize, if you have not previously added one to your prize inventory start with clicking the '+'

Then configure the prize your going to be adding, along with the quantity you have and any graphics

Once you click Save, you can then add the prize to any of your Activations as a shared prize

Once added, you can setup and configure it the same way as prizes above that are specific to the Activation

You can also view, add, or edit all of your shared prizes from the Shared Prizes tab under Events configuration page inside App Setup