Payment Gateways

EventGen supports multiple payment gateways including Stripe and Follow the instructions below to add your payment gateway.

Setup your Connector

Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Connectors > Connect Account

Enter your account information. You’ll be prompted with a modal asking for a Name, API Login ID, Client Key, and Transaction Key from your account. Follow the steps below to obtain this information.

  • Name: Choose any name for your Connector. The platform supports more than one connection.

  • API Login ID: In navigate to Settings > API Credentials & Keys and copy your API Login ID as shown below.

  • Client Key: In navigate to Settings > Manage Public Client Key and copy your Client Key as shown below.

  • Transaction Key: navigate to Settings > API Credentials & Keys and select New Transaction Key. If you need to disable the old Transaction Key then check the box at this time. Click Submit. If prompted to verify your identify with a PIN please do so. When prompted with your Transaction Key copy it and paste it into the modal.

If this is a sandbox account then enable the Sandbox switch.

Add your Gateway to your Event

Navigate to the builder settings for your event: Events > Managed > YOUR EVENT > Settings. From the Payment Gateway section choose the new Payment Account you just set up.

It’s a good idea to test your new payment gateway by purchasing a paid ticket for your event. Tip: set up a new ticket type for $1.


To connect a stripe account, you need a Public Key and a Secret Key

Optaining Public and Secret Keys on Stripe

  • Navigate to the Developers Dashboard

  • Click on API Keys

  • Find your keys under Standard Keys.

Make sure you are revealing Live Keys and not Test Keys. Test keys are not used for real payments.

Publishable Key is the Public Key.

For more information, refer to Stripe’s guide.

Setting Up the Connector

  • Navigate to Setup > Integrations > Manage Connectors and scroll down to Stripe

  • Click Connect Stripe Account.

  • Enter a name, and enter your Stripe public and secret keys, then click Save

  • Your connected account will appear on the connector.

You are now ready to receive payments through Stripe!



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