Scanner Setup

EventGen can be paired with handheld scanners to scan tickets at your event. Follow the instructions below based on the type of scanner you have:

Zebra DS2278

The Zebra DS2278 can be used as a standalone handheld device by roaming staff users or fixed in a stationary position inside a base/stand. The stationary position with base is excellent for self-service kiosk stations where attendees scan their own tickets to enter the event.

Note, these instructions are also found inside the EventGen app under Settings.

  • If previously paired, use Bluetooth Settings to unpair the DS2278. 

  • If the scanner’s docking station is plugged in, unplug it so the scanner is not connected to the docking station. 

  • Scan this barcode to reset the scanner:

  • Scan this barcode to configure the scanner to use with EventGen:

  • Open the EventGen mobile app, go to Settings > Hardware Connectivity > Scanners and tap the red Search button next to Zebra. 

  • Tap the scanner in the popup that appears. 

  • Change the “Default scanner” to Zebra.

  • Return to your Event and perform a test scan on a ticket.