Cash Payments Logs


The ‘Cash Payments’ tab displays information about payments made for all events. This includes payments processed either through the directory or via the mobile app, each of which is assigned a unique number.

To access cash payment logs, navigate to ‘Setup > Events > Managed > Cash Payments'

The page can be filtered by the following criteria:

Events: This allows you to select an event form the drop-down

Users: This allows you to filter payments that are made by a specific user.

The page shows the following information for each order:

Event: Shows the event where the payment was taken.

Order #: Shows the order number of the transaction.

Status: Shows whether the payment was successful or not.

Total: Displays the total amount due after applying the discount.

Staff User: Displays the username of the person who received the cash payment.

Payment Date/time: Denotes the date and time when the payment was processed.

Settled: Indicates whether the payment has been settled.

To settle a payment, click on its drop-down arrow and click ‘Mark as Settled’.


Copying Order Numbers for Payments

By hovering over the row containing a specific order, the option to ‘Copy’ will appear, allowing the order number to be copied.

Cash Payment Receipts

Once the cash payment is complete, the registrant receives an email with the receipt including the price, order number, ticket types, and their prices. Below are two examples of the payment receipt that the registrant receives.

Stripe Payment Receipt Example Payment Receipt Example

NOTE: If the payment gateway is Stripe, a PDF copy of the receipt will be attached to the email.

Exporting and Printing Payment Logs

To export the logs, click on the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen, then click Export.

 To print the the logs, click on the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen, then click Print.


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