Payment Logs


Payment logs display the payment details linked to each order.

Payment Logs Navigation

Navigate to Setup > Events > Managed > Payment Logs


Denotes the name of the event from which the order was generated.

Order #

Refers to the unique number or ID assigned to each individual order.

By hovering over the row containing a specific order, the option to Copy will appear, allowing the order number to be copied.


Indicates if the payment was successfully processed or not.


Indicates the method of payment, whether it was made in cash or by card.


Indicates the total amount that was paid.

Order Source

Displays whether the order was purchased and the payment processed through the directory or the mobile app.

System User

A System user can be either staff member or a user on the system purchasing tickets either from the mobile app or the event directory.

Directory User

A Directory user refers to a public user who is purchasing tickets from the event directory.

Log Datetime

Denotes the date and time when the payment was processed.

Transaction Ref.

The Transaction Ref. serves as a reference value for transactions conducted through Stripe or Authorize.Net.

Failure Reason

Indicates the cause of the payment's failure.

Filtering the Payment Logs

The payment logs can be filtered based on the event's name, date, order number, payment status, and payment method.

Exporting and Printing Payment Logs

To export the orders, click on the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen, then click Export.


To print the orders, click on the drop-down menu on the top right of the screen, then click Print.



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