Butlrr is a browser companion for Google Chrome and most versions of Microsoft Edge. With Butlrr, users can quickly add new Prospects or view existing Prospect data using contact info found on social media, email, CRMs, and more. 

Installing Butlrr

Because Butlrr is an official Chrome extension, you can easily install it through the Chrome Web Store. To install Butlrr,

  • Open the Chrome Web Store.
  • Search for Butlrr or click the link here
  • Click Add to Chrome.

  • If prompted, give Chrome permission to add the extension.

  • Click on the Butlrr icon in the Chrome Extension menu. A new window will pop out next to your main Chrome window.

  • Enter your Lead Liaison/Captello credentials to complete the setup process.

If You do not see the Butlrr icon with the rest of your extensions, click on the puzzle icon and pin it to your toolbar.

Installing Butlrr in Microsoft Edge

You can install Butlrr in any Chromium build of Microsoft Edge. If you are using an older build of Edge, you will need to upgrade to the Chromium version before installing. You can tell whether you have the Microsoft version or Chromium version based on the logo.

Once you have verified you have the Chromium version installed, open the Google Chrome Web Store and follow the instructions for installing in Google Chrome. You may need to give Edge permission to install apps from the Chrome Web store; if this is the case you will see a blue banner across the top of your browser with instructions.

Using Butlrr

To use Butlrr, click the Butlrr icon in the Chrome extension menu. A companion window will open next to your main browser window. You can resize the companion window or even move to another monitor. 

When first open, Butlrr will display Prospects owned by you. Click on the Prospect's name to view or edit common contact fields. 

You can control the Prospects displayed by using the filter icon in the top-right corner of the screen. 

If you have OneFocus™ CRM enabled on your account, use the hamburger menu in the top-left corner to switch to Organizations or Deals.


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