Use Cases for Web Forms

This page covers use cases you might not normally think of when using Lead Liaison Web Forms

Displaying Fields Based on Geolocation

Objective: Create a form that displays one or more fields based on the visitors geolocation. In the example below, we're displaying a specific checkbox field if the visitor is coming from Canada, and another checkbox field if the visitor is coming from anywhere else outside of Canada. We could very well have kept only the one field, so that only visitors from Canada see that field and everyone else would not see the field. To apply this use case, follow these guidelines:

  • Add your geolocation field, in this case Country, into the field and optionally make it hidden. 
  • Enable the Pre-Fill with Lead Tracking setting. When set, we'll pre fill geolocation information into form fields. 
  • Add the field that will be controlled by geolocation and use the visibility setting to set a rule using the geo field in the initial step.
  • This video provides a quick overview of a sample form that meets the above guidelines:

One Caveat

If the form page is the first page the visitor will see on your website then it will not load visitor's country via geolocation for the first time, as the form will load prior to the tracking code. If this is a concern for you, then use Javascript code to delay appending the form iFrame to the page. This will give the tracking code a chance to run first and collect the country value. A couple of seconds is enough.