You can use a handheld scanner with the lead capture app instead of the device's native camera. Depending on your use case, an external scanner gives you better scanning precision and a flexible workflow that doesn’t require using your mobile device to scan. Instead, scanning and data entry can be separate aspects of your workflow.

Mobile App Configuration

To use a handheld scanner with your device instead of the device’s native camera do the following:

  • Navigate to the menu, then Settings > Accessories > Scanners

  • Select Handheld

  • To open the scan screen on capture, and without having to click the scan button, enable the Automatically open scanner on capture setting


Scanner Configuration

Zebra DS2278 and DS8178

The Zebra DS2278, DS8178 barcode scanners are robust bluetooth scanners. They connect to the mobile app via bluetooth and do not depend on a network connection.


Step 1: Pairing & Configuration

  • On the iOS device navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > make sure Bluetooth is turned on.

  • Scan the barcode below to put the scanner into pairing mode and configure the scanner.

  • Wait for the scanner to appear in the list under OTHER DEVICES as shown below. The highlighted value is your scanner model number followed by your serial number. Tap it to connect.

Step 2: Keyboard (Optional)

This feature is known to slow down scanning speed. For applications using Rapid Scan, this feature may not be required. Try scanning a barcode without enabling this feature. You can always scan this barcode at a later time.

  • Your scanner acts as a keyboard to your iOS device. To display your keyboard on the iOS device by pulling the trigger on your scanner two consecutive times you can display/hide the keyboard. Optionally scan the barcode below to enable this feature.

If the keyboard does not appear after pulling the trigger twice then turn bluetooth on your iOS device off and back on to re-establish a connection with the scanner.


Step 1: Pairing

Download and install the Scan-To-Connect Utility. This app helps pair your scanner to your Android device.

  • Download here.

  • Follow the prompts to:

    • Enable the Zebra Scan-To-Connect keyboard.

    • Set Scan-To-Connect keyboard as the default keyboard.

    • Navigate to Settings > General > About > Bluetooth Address. Write down the address and add it to Scan-To-Connect as needed.

    • Scan the barcode to pair the scanner.

Step 2: Configuration

  • Scan the QR code below to configure the scanner.


Resetting the Scanner

To reset your scanner to default settings scan the barcode below:

iOS Bluetooth Connection

If connection attempts are made but the scanner is still not showing up, try the following:

  1. On the iOS device navigate to Settings > Bluetooth.

  2. Turn Bluetooth off and then on.

  3. Wait for the scanner to appear in the list (if it doesn't show up, try scanning the codes above once again).

  4. When it appears, tap it to connect to it.

  5. Then tap the (i)-icon and tap "Forget This Device".

  6. Now repeat the Scanner Configuration steps once again.