Step 1 - Select Who

Using Match All and Advanced

For advanced users, Lead Liaison provides an option to use a combination of AND and/or OR logic between each criteria. 

  • Match All = Uses AND between each criteria. 
  • Advanced = Use AND or OR in a formula to match criteria.

When the “Advanced” option is selected, the following two green boxes are shown:

  1. The first one is “Match Prospects that meet ALL of these conditions”. This box must contain “Known=true” filter.

  2. The second box is “And meet ANY of these conditions”.


  1. Known (Has Email) filter must be used in the top section.

  2. At least two criteria must be used in the bottom section.

  3. No more than three criteria may be used in the bottom section.

Helpful Tips

Here's a few tips when working with Step 1 of Automations or Segmentation:

Historical Actions

If you use a Historical Action, the system will select Prospects who have taken the action from the date before the automation was activated. This is also true for Automations set to run continuously. For example, if an Automation is activated on June 30th, the automation will only select Prospects who completed the action before June 30th. Even if the automation continues to run daily, it will not match Prospects who complete the action after June 30th.

"Does Not..."

There are four operators that have "does not" ("does not equals", "does not contain", "does not start with" and "does not end with"). Each value in any of these conditions is an OR value. For example, you have a Lead Source with values of A, B, C, D and E, and you setup a filter for Lead Source that "does not equals" (3) A, B, C. In this case D and E would be selected because neither D nor E are equal to A,B, or C. 

Multiple Value Chooser

Clicking the green plus icon on any criteria or action brings up the Multiple Value Chooser window. In this window the user can enter more than one value. For select criteria (State for example) the drop down will be pre-populated. If values are not pre-populated you can enter more values by typing them in the drop down on the left and clicking the "+Add" button or by entering them in (copy/paste works as well) line by line under the "Selected Values" box on the right side. The number shown in the text field on the criteria equals the number of values entered into the Selected Values box on the right. 

When the "Add New Value" drop down has a select list (Automations, Campaigns, Web Pages, etc.) then values cannot be typed into the "Selected Values" box to the right. The user has to type the value (URL, etc.) in the drop down box and click the "+Add" button.