Execution Times

Execution Time Summary

Lead Liaison's automation system was built from the ground up in a modular fashion to afford marketers the flexibility to easily scale and design campaigns. Below is a summary of the typical synchronization schedules for the automation system:


Execution Time


Adding a prospect to an Automation Campaign

1 to 2 minutes

Step 1 of the Automation Campaign wizard

Running the first action

Up to 1 minute

This is the first action in Step 2 of the Automation Campaign wizard

Subsequent actions

1 minute

Each additional action is separated by 1 minute from the first action

Send Email action1 minuteWhen the Send Email action is applied the action is scheduled; but, requires an additional minute to deliver the email.

Changes in a CRM which trigger action

Up to 5 minutes

For example, an Automation Campaign that monitors the change of a Salesforce.com Campaign Status. The change will be reflected in Lead Liaison within 5 minutes.

Use Case Scenarios

Let's take a few specific example to better understand performance. Suppose the filters in Step 1 applied to 20,000 prospects. You'd know this by clicking the Preview button in Step 1. Then in Step 2, there were 8 actions. How long would this automation take to run on all the leads? Assume all 8 actions are Lead Grade actions.

Answer(20,000 prospects) x (8 actions) = total of 160,000 actions to be applied. Up to 500 actions are applied every minute. To calculate the time required for the automation to complete we take (160,000 actions) / (500 actions per minute) = 320 minutes, which will take approximately 5 hours and 20 minutes to complete.

Let consider another scenario. In the second scenario, what if there were only 10 prospects in Step 1 and 8 actions in Step 2? What's the formula for each scenario? Assume all 8 actions are Lead Scoring actions.

Answer: (10 prospects) x (8 actions) = total of 80 actions to be applied. Since 80 is < 500 (max per minute) each action would be applied to all prospects within 1 minute. Keep in mind it would take 8 minutes to run all 8 actions since each action within an automation runs every minute. 

Keep In Mind...

Lead Liaison runs multiple different actions in the same processing thread per customer even if the actions are in different automatons.

For example, suppose there are 10 separate automations, each with 1 action, and each automation affects (applies to) 20 leads. There would be 200 total actions to be applied and all actions will run together during the same processing thread since the actions are in different, individual automations.