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Lead Liaison's in-depth integration with CRMs such as enables marketers to pre-configure campaigns that include CRM actions such as creating a lead, creating a task, adding a prospect to a CRM Campaign and changing status of a prospect in a CRM Campaign. Support

The CRM actions below are valid for

Sync Lead to SFDC

Use this action to create a new lead in When this action executes Lead Liaison imports the Prospects entire profile into as a new lead. If the Prospect already exists in as a lead or contact (matched by email address) then the lead will by synced with the Prospect in When a lead/contact is synced with a Lead Liaison Prospect, Lead Liaison enhances the CRM record by adding lead scoring, lead grading, behaviors and other key qualification criteria to the lead/contact record. 

When adding the Sync Lead to SFDC action you can select a value from the "Assign To" drop down. There are three options for the value of this drop down as described below:

  1. Assign to user = Creates a new lead in with the name of the user as the Lead Owner. 
  2. Use SFDC Auto-Assignment Rules = To determine the Lead Owner Lead Liaison will use's assignment rules. Before using this option make sure to setup your assignment rules in Learn more about setting up's assignment rules
  3. Use Lead Liaison Auto-Assignment Rules = To determine the Lead Owner Lead Liaison will use Lead Liaison's assignment rules. Assignment rules can be defined by going to Settings > App Setup > Lead Distribution

When the "Assign To" drop down is left empty the Sync User is assigned as the Lead Owner on the Lead. 

Salesforce Requirements

Note that requires the Company and Last Name fields before a lead can be created. If the Sync Lead to SFDC action runs on a Prospect and the Company and/or Last Name fields are empty Lead Liaison will insert "Anonymous" as a value into the Company and/or Last Name fields.

Sync Lead to MSD

Use this action to sync record to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. For more details on this action and the integration see this page

Sync Lead to Administrate

Use this action to sync records to Administrate's CRM. For more details on this action and the integration see this page

Create Task

Use this action to automatically create a task against a lead/contact in and assign the task to a specific user. To use this action select one of the pre-configured tasks under the "Task" drop down and assign the task to a user. To setup new tasks and make them available for selection under the "Task" drop down go to Settings > App Setup > Tasks

List of Users

Only users who are also users will be listed in the "Assign To" drop down. To see which users are linked to Lead Liaison users go to Settings > Users > Click the Actions button > Link CRM Users

Default Assignee

By default, Lead Liaison assigns the selected task to the owner of the lead/contact.

Convert Lead to Contact

Use this action to convert a Lead into a Contact, create an opportunity and create an account. This action is explained in more detail below:

  • Assign To = Assigns the lead to a specific user. Select "-- Lead Owner–" to keep the Contact Owner as the Lead Owner. 
  • Converted Status = Select the status to use when the lead is converted to a contact. Converted Statuses are pulled into Lead Liaison from on a nightly basis automatically. 
  • Attach to existing account if same account name exists = When this box is checked the contact created from the conversion will be added into an account that already exists with the same company name as the lead. If an account does not exist a new account will be created. Uncheck this box if you want a new account to be created each time a conversion takes place. Note, this could create duplicate accounts. 
  • Create Opportunity = Optionally create an opportunity with the conversion event. The name of the opportunity will be the name of the company by default. 
  • Send notification email = Enables the alert (see below) that's emailed to the lead owner when the lead is converted. 

If Send notification email is checked the Lead Owner will receive a message from similar to the one below:

Implementation Specifics

  • View the Lead Status field in on the Lead Object to see which options have the Converted flag enabled. Converted Status options with the "Converted" flag enabled are shown in the drop down as options for the action. 
  • The conversion sync happens on the standard sync intervals, typically every 5 minutes. 
  • Lead Liaison processes 100 Leads per batch. For example, if you ran the Convert Lead to Contact action on 1,000 Leads it would take 10 batch runs (~ 50 minutes) to convert all Leads to Contacts. 
  • Make sure the Lead Liaison Prospect is synced to a Lead before applying the action. If a conversion sync is scheduled and the Lead Liaison Prospect is not synced to a Lead the job will be marked as dismissed after two (2) weeks. For example, consider a Lead Liaison Prospect as a member of two different Workflows, one to sync him/her to and the other to convert him/her to a Contact. Suppose the Convert Lead to Contact action was applied first, then the Sync Lead to SFDC (see above) action was applied within two weeks. The Convert Lead to Contact scheduled sync will still work after the Prospect is synced to as a Lead.

Add to SFDC Campaign

Please see the Campaign Filters and Actions page

Change Status in SFDC Campaign

Please see the Campaign Filters and Actions page


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