_My Leads Action Column

Action Column

A number of short cut features are readily available under the Actions columns on the Visitors page. 

Menu Option


Prospect Profile

Displays the profile of the visitor.


Adds a specific website visitor to your blacklist. If a website visitor is on a blacklist then future website visits from that visitor will not be tracked. Blacklisting is useful for spiders or other leads that continue to show up even after enabling tracking of business visitors only.

Report as ISP

Sends a message to Lead Liaison reporting the lead as an internet service provider (ISP). Lead Liaison will research the lead to validate whether or not the tracked entity is a business or an ISP. Lead Liaison will have the option of accepting or declining the reported entity as an ISP.

Sync to CRM

Synchronizes the lead with your CRM account. Once a lead is synched present and future activity will be tracked and automatically input into your CRM under the lead or contact it is synched with.

Reset Score

Resets the lead score to a value of your choice.

Map of Location

Displays a map of the lead's location.