_Syncing Code to Staging

Syncing Code to Staging (Test) Server

Follow the steps below to synchronize code from the repository to the Staging Server:

Step 1: SVN Update

A SVN Update will up your Local Working Directory with the latest code from the repository.

  1. Right click on your working directory
  2. Select 'SVN Update'
  3. Write down the revision number. See graphic below. 


Step 2: Create a Tag

Creating a tag takes a snapshot of the code checked into the repository to be used as a specific release. To create a tag follow these steps:

  1. Right click on your working directory
  2. Under TortoiseSVN select 'Branch/tag...'
  3. Under the 'To URL'  enter in the name of the tag (release). All tags for the web application are stored in this directory http://repository.leadliaison.com/repos/leadliaison/leadliaison-webapp/tags/. Give the tag the proper name using our naming convention. For the name of a release we use "Release_MAJOR.MINOR.SUB.REVISONNUMBER". For example, in the above screen shot the revision number is 1097. The name of the tag should be "Release_1.2.1.1097". 
  4. Select which revision to copy from the repository. Use the HEAD revision.
  5. Add a Log message. The Log message should be in the following format: Tagged rRELEASENUMBER
  6. Your input should look similar to the graphic below.
  7. Click OK and wait for the tag to be created. 

Step 3: Sync Code to Staging Server

You can select which tag to use when syncing code to the Staging Server. Follow these steps to select the tag and sync code to the Staging Server.

  1. Access the web-based sync scripts by going to http://repository.leadliaison.com/. You'll need your Subversion (SVN) credentials to access the site.
  2. Select the 'leadliaison/' folder.
  3. Select the '01-svn-sw-leadliaison.php' script.
  4. Select the tag you created in the previous step and hit the 'GO' button.