_How to Install Tracking Code

Once your account is configured install your tracking code into your website. Installing tracking code typically takes less than 5 minutes. There are three ways to install the tracking code:

  1. Install it yourself.
  2. Send instructions via email to your webmaster or a friend.
  3. Contact us and we'll do it for you!

Tip: Where to Place the Tracking Code

The code can go anywhere in your web page; however, it is recommended to add it in the footer of your website.

Tip #1: Add the tracking code to the footer of the webpage or website you want to track. Adding the code to the footer ensures page loading is not interrupted.

Tip #2: If this code will be embedded into a web page under SSL (https) then change the src value in the first line of code to https://d2tkczi6ecqjoh.cloudfront.net/scripts/lazyload-min.js. If your website uses both http and https then use the SSL version of the tracking code. If you use the non-SSL version of the tracking code behind your https pages visitors will not be tracked.

Tip #3: Add var ll_trk_no_ck = true; if you do not want to use cookies for tracking and want to use IP addresses only.

Also, the lines of code must stay in the same order.