_Validating your Tracking Code


To validate your tracking code has been successfully installed you'll need to check the website using two methods:

  1. Website source code
  2. Network communication

To do this, launch the Google Chrome browser. We'll be using built in debug tools to complete the analysis. 

Step 1: Validating Source Code

Look for your tracking code in the source code of the website. If you do not see tracking code there, then move to Step 2. If the tracking code was installed via something like Google Tag Manager, the tracking code may not be visible via Step 1. 

  • Open your website
  • Right click on your homepage and select View page source to open a new tab with your website's source code

  • Hit Ctrl+F on your keyboard to open the search box in the top right side of the browser. If your account was configured after January 1st, 2016, enter in llanalytics as shown below. If your account was configured prior to that enter in app.leadliaison.com.

  • Look for the highlighted text and your complete tracking code snippet. Validate your tracking code meets the instructions in your account, which can be found at Settings > Account > Tracking Code.

Step 2: Network Communication

If you did not find your tracking code in Step 1, then inspect the network communication between your website and Lead Liaison's servers to detect communication. 

  • In Google Chrome, right click and select Inspect

  • In the panel that opens, select the Network tab

  • In the search box, as shown below, type in the word collector. Then, click the refresh icon in your browser to reload the page. It's important to refresh the browser to load the page from the start. If tracking code is installed you will see either collector.php, collector.js or collector.min.js under the "Name" section as shown below. 

  • In the table below, right click on the header, as shown below, and select Domain if you do not see it. Make sure the file is pointing to Lead Liaison (i.e. t1.llanalytics.com, t9.llanalytics.com, etc.). 

  • If you do not see one of these files under the Name column, and/or the file is not pointing to Lead Liaison then your tracking code is not installed. Consult your webmaster or IT department ASAP. 
  • If you do see your tracking code, do a double check to ensure network activity is happening by replacing the word collector in the search box with trackActivity. You do not need to refresh the browser page. If the tracking code is installed and working successfully then you should see a new request every 5 to 15 seconds as shown below.