The inbox displays general system messages. Messages cannot be deleted from the inbox (similar to deleting an email inbox); instead, messages may be modified or changed. A wide array of messages can appear in your inbox. Below is a summary of the types of messages delivered to your inbox:

Types of Inbox Messages

  • Assigned Favorite = Whenever a lead is marked as a favorite a new message will appear in the inbox. Favorites can be assigned to an individual or an entire company.
  • Assigned Lead = Whenever you are assigned as the Lead Owner of a lead a new message will appear in the inbox with type "Assigned Lead". The Lead Owner value can be changed manually from the Visitors page by clicking the value under the Lead Owner column. The Lead Owner may already be assigned from syncing with your CRM system or assigned automatically via automation rules.

Below is a description of each column in the Inbox grid.

Inbox Grid Values

  • Type = Indicates the type of lead as described above.
  • Message = The specific message or notification from the system.
  • Lead = The email address of the person or domain name for the company used for the alert. For example, if "" is listed under the Lead column for an Assigned Favorite alert type then this alert is monitoring your website for any leads that visit your website from an individual at Lead Liaison - indicated by the domain name. If is identified as a lead then this would trigger the Favorites Alert. Clicking on the value in the Lead column does one of two things. If the value is an email address then the lead profile page is displayed. If the value is a domain name then the contact search page is displayed to help the user find more contacts at the company.
  • Company = If available, then the name of the company the given message applies to is listed here.
  • Message Received = The date and time the message was received in your inbox.
  • Assigned By = The name of the Lead Liaison user who sent you the message. For example, if you assigned a lead as one of your Favorites it would list "Me" in this column, since you assigned the favorite to yourself.
  • Actions = Click the "Modify" link to change a particular message or rules governing the message.