The favorites alert system sends notifications to users when leads marked as a "favorite" visit your website. It's like a watch list that runs against all your company's leads. Favorite alerts are helpful when you're trying to monitor activity from a hot lead or monitor activity from a company where there's a sales opportunity. It helps raise awareness for your sales team when important leads or companies demonstrate online activity.

How Favorites Work

  1. A column called "Favorites" is listed in the Visitors page.
  2. Favorites can only be added for known leads.
  3. Favorites run on all leads across the organization.
  4. A transparent heart appears under the Favorites column of the Visitors page next to all known leads that are not marked as a favorite.
  5. A red heart indicates the lead is marked as a favorite.
  6. Favorites can be added to an individual or a company.
  7. When the individual or company visits your website after the favorite alert is set the user assigned to the favorite receives an alert.
  8. Users may receive SMS (text message) or email alerts.
  9. Favorite alerts are sent every five minutes.

Adding a Favorite

  1. Make sure the "Favorites" column is listed in your Visitors page. If it's not, click "Show/Hide Columns" to show the Favorites column. You should see red and transparent hearts similar to the graphic below. Remember, favorites can only be added to known leads (leads who have a name and/or email associated with them).
  2. Click a transparent heart to assign a lead and/or company to you and/or someone else.
  3. A popup window similar to the one below will be displayed.
  4. Select the appropriate radio button:
    1. The first radio button adds an individual as a favorite. Every time this person visits your website an alert will be sent to the favorite owner(s).
    2. The second radio button adds the company as a favorite. Every time a person from this company visits your website an alert will be sent to the favorite owner(s).
  5. Assign the favorite alert to one or more users:
    1. Select the drop down box where it says "Send Alert to".
    2. Clicking inside the field brings up a drop down of all users in your account.
    3. Alternatively, you can type any portion of the user's name to automatically select the user.
    4. To assign the favorite alert to more than one user click the + symbol to the right of the field.
    5. To remove a user from a favorite alert click the - symbol to the right of the field.
  6. Favorite alerts are sent every five minutes.
  7. Clicking "View my existing alerts" takes the user to their Inbox, which lists all favorites and leads assigned to you.

Adding a Prospect with a Personal Email Address as a Favorite

Lead Liaison removes the option to add anyone from the company as a favorite for any prospects who have an email address from any of the below personal email domains:

1) @yahoo.com
2) @ymail.com
3) @gmail.com
4) @msn.com
5) @hotmail.com
6) @aol.com
7) @inbox.com
8) @gmx.com
9) @gaweb.com

Removing a Favorite

There are two ways to remove yourself from a favorite alert:

  1. From the Visitors page by clicking the red heart next to the lead. 
    1. Click the red heart next to the lead on the Visitors page. 
    2. Click the - sign next to your name to remove the favorite.
  2. From the Inbox
    1. Click the Alert Center then Inbox
    2. Filter the grid by selecting "Assigned Favorite" under the Type column. You can also use the other boxes to find the favorite you want to modify.
    3. Click "Modify" under the Actions column.
    4. Click the - sign next to your name to remove the favorite.

Turning Off Favorite Alerts

To completely turn off favorite alerts do the following:

  • Click Home > Setup alerts
  • Un-check the boxes in the Favorites row for the type of alert (SMS or Email) you want to remove.