Version 2.1m3


  • [LL-544] - Getting new anonymous lead in specific scenario
  • [LL-1090] - When "https" instead of "http" is used on the unsubscribe link in an email the link does not work - make it work
  • [LL-1108] - Backslashes appear in names in Contact section when name (first or last) has an apostrophe
  • [LL-1121] - Bug in sorting most recent activity - Briefcase
  • [LL-1124] - Sync stopped for multiple customers do to script failure
  • [LL-1125] - Posts to LinkedIn are not showing up
  • [LL-1127] - When using Clicked Link in Email and Website Activity filters results were not accurate
  • [LL-1128] - XML error prompt came up when loading the Recycle Bin page
  • [LL-1134] - Update footer of application
  • [LL-1135] - Login that LL receives on new account setup has a few issues
  • [LL-1143] - Account settings section showing a bug and formatting of text is an issue
  • [LL-1157] - IE11 not detected as visiting browser, new anonymous visit created after submitting same form using same email


  • [LL-1109] - Improvements with labels and identifying/resolving missing contact in email marketing app
  • [LL-1110] - Modify settings to email unsubscribe options
  • [LL-1112] - Make sure all contacts are copied to the new list with the Copy feature in email marketing
  • [LL-1133] - Improve error reporting in content creation module

New Feature

  • [LL-1140] - Make the domain for all encoded links in emails dynamic and
  • [LL-1141] - Add a "Send Plain Text Alert" action
  • [LL-1145] - Syncing with using a set of criteria
  • [LL-1146] - Capture Automatically Tracked Web Forms similar to Hosted/External/Embedded web forms


  • [LL-1106] - Hide recent activity breadcrumb and Email Marketing Tips section from email marketing app
  • [LL-1111] - Improvements to bounce management system (hard and soft bounces)
  • [LL-1117] - Add "Call Webhook" action
  • [LL-1120] - Test the new Staging Server environment with Ryan
  • [LL-1129] - Add styling for the Media Download page
  • [LL-1130] - Referrer for social media posts and Lead Source need to be improved
  • [LL-1131] - Create a simple visual diagram for visitor tracking architecture
  • [LL-1139] - Improvements to text and appearance of Tracking Code page and email that goes out
  • [LL-1142] - Change tab name of Briefcase plugin from "Lead Liaison" to "Briefcase"