Version 2.0m1


  • [LL-1048] - XML Error Bug
  • [LL-1049] - Automatically tracked forms not working on Safari 5.1+
  • [LL-1050] - When submitting a form as an anonymous visitor with Show ISPs off it does not show my known prospect


  • [LL-1033] - Improve function of search box on top left of our application
  • [LL-1047] - Support SSL web form submissions
  • [LL-1053] - Seeing SFDC items when creating a new Spark and customer does not have SFDC enabled
  • [LL-1057] - Make another table to store completed actions - improvement in Automation performance
  • [LL-1061] - Improve prospects page loading by investigating how to make dhtmlxGrid does not require total count of records
  • [LL-1068] - Prevent duplicate actions from occurring on a Prospect due to system/server issues

New Feature

  • [LL-799] - Add a new setting to send a notification email to our customer admins if the sync process fails for any reason
  • [LL-1051] - Add "Member of Process" criteria


  • [LL-1052] - Syncing info when LL prospect is reconnected to the newest SFDC lead/contact record


  • [LL-631] - Implement Alert when SFDC sync process fails