Version 2.2m1


  • [LL-1169] - Firefox UI issue on Automations - cutting off bottom of dropdown
  • [LL-1176] - Email address getting stored with last name when person not in and click through Send & Track
  • [LL-1177] - Scenario caused a few bugs with visitor tracking and Lead Liaison Marketing Data section in
  • [LL-1180] - When first score was negative we were treating it as positive
  • [LL-1183] - Actions added to a running automation and applied to prospects already in the automation getting sent all at once
  • [LL-1189] - Email templates getting shared with everyone
  • [LL-1191] - Record imported from did not have the email address imported with it
  • [LL-1196] - Tracking Code instructions sending from wrong address - send from
  • [LL-1198] - Expired account was not marked as disabled
  • [LL-1206] - Tracking in Google Chrome throwing an error with Lazyload (page conflict with specific company's website)
  • [LL-1208] - Could not scan form on specific page
  • [LL-1213] - The number 1 is showing up on the top of the View Email Campaigns section and WYSIWYG Editor is floating


  • [LL-1154] - Update Interspire configuration so we send mail to different VMTAs per account based on logical areas of our application
  • [LL-1160] - Complete application level updates to support 3rd party SMTP relay services
  • [LL-1163] - Need a way to change the Lead Owner to Unassigned
  • [LL-1178] - Only show an option to run once when an automation has only a historical event and no attributes or future events
  • [LL-1186] - Tighten ISP tracking to remove more ISPs
  • [LL-1197] - Blue box running off of screen on Tracking Code Installation page
  • [LL-1207] - Improve page title being displayed and show the correct page title on the main grid
  • [LL-1211] - Keep a log of the last removed prospect every time we find a removed one, so the next time we search for removed prospects from automations after the last one.

New Feature

  • [LL-1044] - Add a "Record Type" Filter Criteria to Automation
  • [LL-1140] - Make the domain for all encoded links in emails dynamic and
  • [LL-1187] - Day trigger
  • [LL-1202] - Add option to make a form field "Hidden" when building a form


  • [LL-1195] - Get system ready for large import
  • [LL-1212] - Address security issue for security review