Version 2.2m3


  • [LL-1239] - When saving a new Connector/Interspire account the Mail Server Details section does not save the first time
  • [LL-1255] - Multiple visits on the same day are getting generated for the same people (confirmed by IP Address and Browser)
  • [LL-1256] - On the Lead Details section we are showing the full length of all values. Need limitation on characters followed by ellipses (...)
  • [LL-1257] - Status of Campaign not working right. It's archiving it when it shouldn't.
  • [LL-1261] - "Printable View" option above grid not working on Prospect Profile page
  • [LL-1262] - Issue with how one-time emails are created
  • [LL-1285] - Missing columns on visitor tracking page grid


  • [LL-1160] - Complete application level updates to support 3rd party SMTP relay services
  • [LL-1190] - Performance of deleting custom fields
  • [LL-1226] - Do not show the "Select VMTA" option if there is nothing in the "Additional VMTA" box on their account
  • [LL-1233] - Allow customers to change default list owner/company information
  • [LL-1236] - Change the "Lead Source" value in visitor tracking to "Original Lead Source"
  • [LL-1247] - Modify "Pages Visited" filter to be "Page URLs Visited" and add "Page Titles Visited" as another filter
  • [LL-1254] - Rename the "is not" filter to "is any but not" and add a new "is not" filter
  • [LL-1260] - Slow query doing full table scan - denormalize
  • [LL-1268] - Add a "Date Created" and "Created By" column to the Manage Fields grid on System Fields tab
  • [LL-1272] - Make it easy to find people with a specific First Touch Program and Campaign
  • [LL-1273] - Change name on New Tracking URL popup
  • [LL-1280] - Improve status of Lead Nurture processes without the Select Who step

New Feature

  • [LL-1222] - Add "Aggressive ISP Suppression" feature
  • [LL-1223] - Add "Link to first SFDC Contact record identified (duplicate emails)" switch
  • [LL-1225] - Add "Select VMTA" into automation in Step 3
  • [LL-1243] - Have a "Clean Now" option for both Segmentation types on the System Lists page and on the Manage Segmentations page. Show "Clean Now" under the Actions drop down.
  • [LL-1246] - Add Sources/Conversion chart added to the Visitor Tracking page (and adding LinkedIn and Jigsaw logos to grid)
  • [LL-1279] - Wait action with date and time component
  • [LL-1282] - Add option for user to put the Send Email and Send Alert actions into "Test Mode"


  • [LL-1244] - Enhance Tag support with new Tag filter, Tag action, ability to import Tag values via email marketing, and tag an email from within Email Marketer
  • [LL-1274] - Connect Help button on Conversions page to wiki page


  • [LL-1271] - Complete unfinished items from conversion task - add LinkedIn and access from Visitors page