Version 2.0m3


  • [LL-1070] - Seeing two "Type" boxes when trying to export Prospects to Excel
  • [LL-1087] - When searching for contacts and having a saved search a bar with info shows up at the top
  • [LL-1094] - Address bounce processing issue
  • [LL-1099] - Bounces still not getting update in app - Connector shows Bounced but LL does not


  • [LL-787] - Add all Prospect Profile tabs to the SFDC Lead/Contact record
  • [LL-1054] - Add a "Profile ID" field to SFDC to make it easier to reference the Lead Liaison Prospect record
  • [LL-1081] - Fix loading screen issue
  • [LL-1086] - See a different customers email statistics after integrating email marketing with Lead Liaison
  • [LL-1088] - When clicking the Next button on the web form builder it should also save the form

New Feature

  • [LL-1062] - Clean Dynamic Segmentation Lists by removing prospects that do not match segmentation criteria
  • [LL-1089] - Ability to insert mail merge fields into redirect URLs and success messages on form submissions