Version 2.3m3


  • [LL-1319] - Draft Workflows keep appearing across the app
  • [LL-1341] - Form field submissions showing backslashes when an apostrophe is entered
  • [LL-1342] - Visitors page (My Leads Page) was not loading results - issue with malformed email address
  • [LL-1343] - Found 3 issues while demonstrating to a customer - tags, new LL custom field, Lookup Company
  • [LL-1344] - Default template for landing pages and forms is not showing up


  • [LL-1338] - Improve daily lead report

New Feature

  • [LL-1299] - Add ability to create a new prospect


  • [LL-1324] - Correct grammar in S&T prompt
  • [LL-1328] - Remove "Email Marketing from Interspire" label that gets added to Interspire Web Form
  • [LL-1329] - Noticed that the record count on the bottom of tables on pages is cutoff on a smaller browser
  • [LL-1333] - Process opportunity memberships in chunks