Version 2.2m2


  • [LL-1229] - Trying to edit another users filters and saving results in an error
  • [LL-1230] - Time stamp on alerts is not right
  • [LL-1232] - Email address not getting updated when Email A exists in SFDC and a Send & Track sent to Email B, then both are merged together after Email A is updated to Email B in SFDC


  • [LL-1148] - Missing lead owner value (and others?) from email marketing lead details view
  • [LL-1164] - Cannot see Lead Source, Program and Campaign info under ROI folder of Analytics if CRM is turned off. Make values so you can click through.
  • [LL-1171] - Improvement to SFDC synchronization process
  • [LL-1172] - Improving the user sync between and Lead Liaison
  • [LL-1173] - Need to be able to change or add Campaign associated with each marketing item
  • [LL-1192] - Showing Loading... splash screen on CRM Lists area instead of red prompt on top of table
  • [LL-1199] - Improve automatic webform tracking to consolidate forms
  • [LL-1201] - Change name of 11th Condition from "11st" to "11th"
  • [LL-1203] - Add mm/dd/yyyy and yyyy/mm/dd to select fields when importing into an email marketing contact list
  • [LL-1215] - Add ability to rename Campaigns

New Feature

  • [LL-1161] - Add parent/child account structure


  • [LL-1129] - Add styling for the Media Download page
  • [LL-1220] - Update Spark popup box when creating a new Spark
  • [LL-1224] - Research why customer cannot upload ~ 30MB file to media tracking
  • [LL-1227] - Email stats are not consistent and values are different in multiple areas of the stats section & group email campaigns