Version 2.3m1


  • [LL-1315] - Serious Bug with Boolean, anything else?
  • [LL-1326] - Getting SPAM rule violation that HTML and text message parts do not match


  • [LL-1286] - Improvement to web form designer and embedded web forms including error reporting and help tips
  • [LL-1296] - Improve Send & Track check for new version
  • [LL-1300] - Security of Parent/Child architecture

New Feature

  • [LL-1293] - Allow clearing values with the Change Data Value action
  • [LL-1298] - Landing Page enhancements & Asset Management System
  • [LL-1314] - Integrate tracking for 3rd party email systems


  • [LL-1289] - Finish up GoToWebinar integration - Workflow filters and actions
  • [LL-1303] - Change wording from "Process" to "Workflow"
  • [LL-1305] - Change area in UI on Prospect Profile page