Import Users


Lead Liaison will automatically create new Lead Liaison users from your list of Active (SFDC) users on initial import. Keep in mind that only Active users in will become new users in Lead Liaison.

Additionally, a user can be linked (mapped) to an existing Lead Liaison user. Users are automatically linked between and Lead Liaison if they share the same email address.

To access the page that links SFDC users to Lead Liaison users do the following:

  1. Go to Settings > Users > All Users 
  2. Select Link CRM Users

Automatically Creating a New Lead Liaison User

To automatically create a new Lead Liaison user from a user do the following:

  1. Identify which user you would like to have auto-created as a new Lead Liaison user
  2. Click the check box under the 'Link' column in the row of the user you would like Lead Liaison to auto-create
  3. Click the 'Update' button


If you have lots of users check the box at the top of the "Link" column to select all users.


Linking a SFDC User to an Existing Lead Liaison User

Occasionally, a SFDC user and Lead Liaison user may have different email addresses. Additionally, it may be necessary to link one SFDC user to a different Lead Liaison user.

To change the link between a SFDC user and Lead Liaison user do the following:

  1. Double click where it says "Double click to select user"
  2. Select the Lead Liaison user you would like to link/map to the SFDC user (listed in the same row)
  3. Click the 'Update' button 

Retrieving New SFDC Users

Lead Liaison imports new SFDC users in three ways:

  1. Automatically every evening
  2. Initially during the data import step of the CRM configuration wizard
  3. Manually by clicking the 'Refresh SFDC Users' button