Version 1.6m3


  • [LL-908] - Blacklist not working on specific company
  • [LL-910] - Web forms - International field formats for date and phone number not working
  • [LL-911] - UI bug in drop down added from mutli-action
  • [LL-912] - Missing Step 3 when trying to edit a form
  • [LL-914] - Distribute Lead Report
  • [LL-915] - UI fixes for IE 10 from Vladan & DHTMLX
  • [LL-917] - Distribute Lead action is not updating Lead Owner value in SFDC after Distribute Lead action is applied


  • [LL-754] - Add table management to the landing page builder WYSIWYG editor
  • [LL-848] - Resolve foreign character issue on web form alerts

New Feature

  • [LL-892] - Duplicate management feature
  • [LL-913] - Time limitation on availability status


  • [LL-905] - Rename "Delay for" parameter on Send Email action