Version 1.5m3


  • [LL-821] - Disable the automatic form tracking when form is within a Landing Page
  • [LL-827] - Sync breaks between lead created with SFDC ( specifically) and subsequently leads submits web form
  • [LL-832] - The apostrophe in our activation confirmation email is messed up


  • [LL-769] - Add a new Status type for Automation and Segmentation called "Completed"
  • [LL-814] - Improve functionality of operators with "does not"

New Feature

  • [LL-800] - Add form submissions details page, which shows submitted data for all leads, with enhanced export process
  • [LL-801] - Integrate an alert process with the form submissions management process, which sends submitted data to lead owner, selected users and/or selected teams
  • [LL-809] - Add support for duplicate emails, SLA enforcement filter and count for missed SLAs
  • [LL-820] - Allow customers to choose the unsubscribe option and offer more unsubscribe features which leverages the suppression list


  • [LL-822] - Cleanup from last release process
  • [LL-825] - Resolve eregi issues
  • [LL-834] - Remaining release items