Version 1.9m2


  • [LL-955] - Content overlaps application message when trying to save, publish, save as, etc. a landing page
  • [LL-1022] - Issue with formatting mobile phone service provider on profile update email
  • [LL-1026] - Bounced field checked in Lead Liaison but not in SFDC
  • [LL-1029] - 300+ custom contact fields were not syncing correctly
  • [LL-1030] - Matching values under Results table on User/Team Filters page incorrect
  • [LL-1036] - 100s of clicks on an email from one person


  • [LL-343] - Enhance Email Sent from "Lead Liaison Profile Update
  • [LL-691] - Allow photos for Teams to use in Performance Metrics and other areas
  • [LL-824] - Execute filter on My Leads page after using the back button in a browser
  • [LL-859] - Add Rules column to Assignment Rules page
  • [LL-990] - "Next" button not necessary on initial load of web form builder
  • [LL-1010] - The "Assign To Team" text and drop down is not aligned with the drop downs above it
  • [LL-1020] - Collapse grey gear box on actions page of automation when editing
  • [LL-1024] - Rename fields on popup in email marketing when inserting custom fields - too confusing now

New Feature

  • [LL-775] - Add security/permissions to Filters section
  • [LL-811] - Set the default lead owner for anonymous leads
  • [LL-970] - Add Buffer queue so Buffer posts are sent out from a priority stack


  • [LL-1007] - Upgrade FusionCharts and FusionMaps from Flash to HTML5 Version & Clean Up
  • [LL-1009] - Run security scan using two tools and make sure we are prepared
  • [LL-1012] - Reverse tab order on the Administration > Domain Names page
  • [LL-1014] - Address Facebook issues and token renewal with Social Post feature
  • [LL-1017] - Deprecate Hoovers functionality - Prepare for App Cloud
  • [LL-1032] - Creating a simple cron job which check if there are any logged failed email send jobs at email marketing side, and notify LL admin