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Lead Liaison allows users to customize their profile. There are five (5) sections for the user's profile. The sections are:

  1. General
  2. Personal
  3. Password
  4. AlertsNotifications
  5. 3rd Party
  6. Send and Track*
  7. Assigned Users


This setting will cause the selected activities to expand in full when they are found in a timeline, instead of the default action of collapsed.


Personal Settings

The Personal section helps personalize your experience with your picture, contact information, time zone and more. See the screen shot below for more information on these settings. When your photo is uploaded it will be used in multiple areas across the application, including but not limited to the:


  • Company Address 1 => Street
  • Company City => City
  • Company State/Province => State
  • Company Postal Code => PostalCode
  • User Main Phone => Phone
  • User Main Phone Extension => Extension
  • User Direct Phone => Phone
  • User Mobile Phone => MobilePhone

Respective mail merge fields when building an email. 

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Time Zones

Time zones are automatically updated each time a user logs in. For example, suppose the user travels to Europe for two days. While in Europe, when they login to Lead Liaison the system will automatically detect the local timezone and update it in the system. When returning to the users homeland, and logging into the system, the time zone will be reset based on the user's current location.


To manually override automatic timezone detection, uncheck the toggle this setting and set your timezone accordingly

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The Signatures section allows you to add, remove or customize signatures that can be used in emails that get sent out on behalf of your user by our systemImage Removed

Named Accounts

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Allows you to add, remove or customize Named Account lists and the domains that are part of the list.


Use this section to change your password. Make sure to enter your old password first in the Confirm Old Password field. Then, enter a new password in the New Password field. 



The Alerts section defines Notifications section has several sections for various alerts you may receive.

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Standard Alerts

Allows you to define how you'd like to receive Buy Signal, Favorites and Lead Report Alerts. Lead Liaison distributes Alerts through email and/or SMS for most Alerts.  Image Removed

Google Chrome Alerts

Allows you to define if you would like to receive alerts in-browser using Chrome notifications


Allows you to toggle on or off receiving notifications about the progress and status of your event transcriptions


Allows you to toggle on or off receiving a notification if someone creates a new task and assigns it to you.


Allows you to toggle on or off receiving a notification when someone makes a Data Subject request

3rd Party

Use this section to enter credentials for 3rd party sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Also contains the email settings if you have Sales Enablement

Send & Track

If you use the Send & Track plugin for Chrome, you can configure settings here. More information on Send & Track can be found on this page.

Assigned Users