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Automatically store company names

Lead Liaison uses a proprietary database to lookup company names based on a visitor's tracked IP address. When this switch is turned off, we will not lookup, display and store the value for the company name and will show use "Anonymous" instead.

Enabled by default

Automatically store business intelligence information (industry, revenue, etc.)When turned off we will not collect and fill in any business intelligence information including Company Description, Location Type, Industry, Revenue, NAICS, Location, Phone and Website.Enabled by default. Only visible for customers with the Dun & Bradstreet App.
Automatically store location using geolocation information

When enabled, four location fields (City, State, Zipcode, and Country) will get updated with geolocation information collected from IP tracking. These four location fields will be updated only when the fields are a) empty or b) contain different values previously collected from geo-tracking. Location fields will not be updated with values obtained from geotracking if they already contain information collected from another source (import, CRM, etc.) other than geotracking.

When turned off we will not collect or display geolocation information

(city, state, country, zip, etc.)

. These values will be blank on the Visitors and nothing will be stored in the Prospect's Profile.

Enabled by default
Do not set cookies for assets if visitor is not already cookiedUses IP tracking and not cookies for asset tracking. Checking this box identifies multiple visitors as the same person if their visit originates from the same IP address and browser. Assets are landing pages, web forms, trackable content, sales emails, etc. See Working with Tracking Code for more details on using IP tracking instead of cookie tracking. Disabled by default