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If you have multiple Gift Card emails, you can choose a default one from the Account > Settings page. Your selected email campaign will be pre-selected by default in the Send Gift Card action.

Sending a Gift Card

Send Gift Card action

You can send gift cards through the out Gift Cards from automations or fulfillments using Send Gift Card action. 

  • Item – select gift card type.
  • Currency - select currency for the gift card
    • We currently support five different major currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP and USD.
  • Amount – select the gift card amount within the providers min/max allowance. Note: some gift cards have a set dollar value; in these cases this option will not appear.



Merge tokens will not work recursively. So you can not use something like 'Here is your Gift Card %%FirstName%%' as your Custom Email Message.

From Prospect Profile

You can also send a gift card directly from any prospects profile.

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Selecting the Send Gift Card action will open up this popup window

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  • Currency - Select one of our supported Currencies for Gift Cards
  • Item - Select which Gift Card from that currency you wish to send
  • Send using - You can select to send the Gift Card using either email, SMS or both.
  • Mobile Phone - Select which phone number for the prospect is the correct one to SMS
  • SMS Message - The text message you want to send
  • Email Campaign - The Gift Card email to be sent to the prospect with their reward
  • Custom email message - The text you want to appear within the custom text section of your gift card email if you have one setup.
  • Send from - Configured who the gift card email should be delivered from

Resending a Gift Card

If a recipient has lost their gift card email, you can resend from Setup > App Setup > Gift Cards. Locate the appropriate card and use the action menu to the far right to select Resend.