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Your Lead Analyzer page would look like this:


  • 1 = Use this button to refresh your analyzer to view any new data.

  • 2 = You can change the view from here. You can select from Card View , Mini Card View and or List View.

  • 3 = This is the ratings for your captured leads. You can view the no. of leads for each rating and also filter the view by selecting any specific rating type.

  • 4 = Here you can view the total no. of leads, deals and revenue for your analyzer.

  • 5 = Click on View Deals to view a list of all the deals linked to the specific analyzer.

  • 6 = You can select and switch between your analyzers from this dropdown.

  • 6 7 = You can select any specific lead owner from this dropdown menu. Or just select “All Owners” to view leads from all owners in the analyzer.

  • 8 = Use this dropdown to filter the leads based on Date, Name, Email or State.

Card Details

The following details are available on each card:

  • Prospect Name

  • Company name and logo

  • City/State of the Prospect

  • Form submission notes and audio notes that can be played right from the card


Taking Actions

You can take actions on the leads in your analyzer by clicking on the 3 dots at bottom right corner of the lead details card: