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  • Start Over - Selecting Start over means that once the Activation is ended, it will restart. Either showing the submission form, or the Activation depending on if your lead capture is before or after the Activation.

  • Thank you message - Selecting Thank you message lets you configure a message that will get displayed as a basic webpage after the Activation completes. This is useful to provide instructions, if there’s a follow up to the Activation.

  • Redirect - Redirect to a Link lets you specify either a full URL, such as your homepage, or one of your configured Landing pages. The redirection will happen as soon as they click to complete the Activation.

Play Restriction Action (Without Capture)

This setting will trigger when a player hits the Play Restrictions (in the Settings step) and the game is launched without a Capture Form. If the player hits the restriction they’ll be shown a standard message or redirected to a new page based on your settings.

You can redirect to a web address or to a hosted landing page.



Instructions let you configure a brief text message that will be displayed before the Form or Activation.