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Like in the main Task Wizard, you can sort Tasks by both due date and Task Type. The total number of Tasks selected are shown in the top-left corner of the screen. By clicking the left and right scroll buttons, you can move through the Tasks in your current selection. Once you have worked through all of the selected Tasks, you will return to the Task Manager main menu.

Task Window

From the Task window, you can snooze a Task, add new notes, delete the Task, and Complete the Task. 


Use the drop-down menu in the upper-left to choose which type of Profile to view: Prospect, Organization, or Deal. If the Task does not have the selected object associated with it, the Task Wizard will default to the next available Profile type down. For example, if you are viewing Deal Profiles and a Task is not a part of a Deal, it will switch to the Organization Profile, and then to the Prospect Profile. If no Profile is available, this section and the Timeline will be blank. 

You can use the Take Action button to perform a variety of actions without having to navigate back to the main platform. This options is only available on the Prospect Profile. 

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  • Add Note – add a note to the Timeline
  • Automate – add the Prospect to an existing Automation
  • Add to List – add the Prospect to an existing List
  • Create Deal – create a new Deal in OneFocus™
  • Create Task – create a new Task in OneFocus™
  • Send Postcard – mail the Prospect a postcard
  • Send Letter – mail the Prospect a handwritten letter

The Details Info Card displays the same information as the Details Info Card in the main Profile. Lean more about Info Cards here. 

The Deals card displays the dollar amount of open, won, and lost Deals.