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  • In Step 3, you can activate your Workflow immediately or schedule to run it in the future. In other words, you might want to plan the day and time in which your webinar invitation will go out. 
  • The screenshot below shows another way to follow up with your audience. Instead of creating independent No Show and Attended Workflow you could combine these steps with your invitation email. In the example below, we schedule the invite Workflow to go out two weeks before the event and check the status of the people we invited three days after the end of the event (hence the Wait 17 days action). 

Managing Your Webinar Events

Viewing Webinar Events

To view your webinar events in one area do the following:

  • Go to Content > Events Webinars
  • Under the Type column select GoToWebinar
  • Columns are explained below
    • Account = The GoToWebinar Account used for the Event
    • Name = Name of the Event
    • Memberships = Prospects currently in the Event in any status
    • Type = Event type
    • Campaign = Default Lead Liaison Campaign assigned to new Prospects imported into Lead Liaison from your webinar Event, or by event status (i.e. registered).
    • Create Date = Date and time the Event was created
    • Created By = Person who created the Event
    • Actions = Tag the Event or view the Event Schedule


  • Level 0: "No Status" and "Removed"

  • Level 1: "Invited"

  • Level 2: "Pending Approval", "Wait List" and "Rejected"

  • Level 3: "Registration Error" and "Registered"

  • Level 4: "Attended" and "No Show"

Reporting on Webinar Events

To view a report of all your Events do the following:

  • Go to Content > Events Webinars
  • Select a timeframe for which you want to run your report
  • The graph at the top shows statistics for all people in the Invited, Registered and Attended status for all events. 


  • Go to Settings > App Setup > Lead Qualification > Lead Scoring

Tracking Webinar Event Status

Each time a Prospect's Event status changes, from Invite to Attended/No Show and anything in between Lead Liaison records this activity in the Activity History section on the person's Prospect Profile. When a status is recorded it will look similar to the screenshot below:Image Removed 


  • When setting up your automation and you're ready to schedule and run it have it run for the period around the event. This will avoid running the automation outside of the event and minimize any potential issues if statuses change outside the timing of an event.