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The lead distribution action is part of the an automation process. It's located in Step 2 of the configuration wizard. To locate the Distribute Lead action do the following

  • Go to Workflow New > Lead Distribution Automation
  • On Step 2 (Define Actions) drag/drop the Distribute Lead action to the canvas


For example, suppose there are 5 members of a Team called "Sales" and everyone is unavailable. Assume the Distribute Lead action is trying to send a lead to this Sales team in Round Robin mode. Assume 10 hours passed and every user in the Round Robin process is still unavailable and therefore skipped. If this setting is checked, and 1 of the 5 people suddenly become available the lead will be distributed to that person. This is an effective strategy if you want to ensure leads get distributed to sales reps without having the lead go to the Hopper and potentially be overlooked. 

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