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titleUsing the Same Email Address

Lead Liaison permits the same email address used across multiple accounts as long as the username is unique. 

Granting Parent Access Per User

Follow these steps to grant a Parent Account access to your Child Account. Access is provided per user. Unlimited access (logging in as any user) is also possible. To allow your Parent Account to have unlimited access contact your Lead Liaison Representative who can provision your account accordingly. 

  • Go to Settings > Users > All Users
  • Under the Actions column, click the gear next to the user you want to grant login access as for your Parent Account
  • Select Yes next to the Parent Access setting

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  • Go back to Settings > Users > All Users. You'll notice the Parent Access column shows Yes for the user

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Viewing Assigned/Unassigned Child Accounts


  • Go to the Users page under Settings > Users > All Users
  • Click the gear under the Actions column next to the Use the drop-down menu to the far right of user you want to assign accounts to and select Assign Accounts
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  • Click the Allow Access button to grant this user login rights to the Child Account
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  • To change who the user can login as click the pencil icon next to the account name and select the desired Child Account user. Remember, if you want to allow the user to login as himself/herself then a new user must be created on the Child Account. The same email address may be used.
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  • Once you've selected the login user, click the save icon


Logging Into a Child Account


For a user that has access to Child Accounts, they can sort and search all Child Accounts easily using the Sort by dropdown and the search box to the right of the dropdown as shown in the screenshot below. This is an easy way to make sure your company is staying within the licensing rights of your Parent Account or each Child Account. Sorting by "# of Prospects" in the dropdown might help.