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  • The new folder path will be shown in the Save To field as shown below:


The following items can be saved to, or move to, a folder:


titleDeleting Folders, Not Assets

Only folders can be deleted, assets cannot be deleted from the folder management console. If an asset resides in a folder that's being deleted, then the asset will automatically move to the Uncategorized folder.

Information Panel

Clicking on an asset in a folder reveals an information panel to the right. The panel displays key metadata on the asset. Different information might be displayed based on the asset. The info panel can display important information such as name, engagement, ownership, update dates, and more. 

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To search for folders or assets in the folder management console click the search icon as shown below. Filter by type of asset and/or sort from ascending/descending or name (A to Z and Z to A) using the dropdowns below the search field.