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Lead Liaison allows Admins to setup Teams sset upTeams across their organization. Each user can be part of multiple teams. If a user is part of multiple Teams then the rights/permissions for each Team is inherited. For example, if permissions for feature X is off in Team A but on in Team B and the user is part of both Team A and Team B then the user will have access to feature X since it was on in Team B.


titleTeam Permissions



Managing Teams

This section covers adding, deleting and editing Teams. 


To add a Team do the following:

  • Go to Settings Administration > > Users > Teams
  • Click on the 'Add Team ' tab toward the top of the page

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  • button
  • Enter the name of the new team. 
  • The new team is now visible under the 'Manage Teams' tab. 

Deleting Teams

To delete a Team do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Administration >  > Users Teams
  • Check the box under the 'Remove' column for each Click the gear and select Delete next to the Team you want to deleteClick the 'Remove Selected' link above the table to remove the selected Teams

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Editing Teams

To edit a Team name do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Administration >  > Users Teams
  • Under the Actions column gear click on ' Edit' next to the name of the Team you want to change the name of
  • Enter the new name of the Team and add/change a photo for the Team. See the screen shot below:

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Distributing Leads to Teams