Lead Liaison allows Admins to sset upTeams across their organization. Each user can be part of multiple teams. If a user is part of multiple Teams then the rights/permissions for each Team is inherited. For example, if permissions for feature X is off in Team A but on in Team B and the user is part of both Team A and Team B then the user will have access to feature X since it was on in Team B.

Managing Teams

This section covers adding, deleting and editing Teams. 

Adding Teams

To add a Team do the following:

Deleting Teams

To delete a Team do the following:

Editing Teams

To edit a Team name do the following:


Distributing Leads to Teams

Lead Liaison allows users to distribute leads to Teams in round robin fashion. Higher priority Teams will receive leads first. To change the order of a Teams priority click the up and down arrows under the "Order" column.