Using the Exhibitor Portal

Home Page

The home page includes all your pages in one place, in addition to a customizable canvas to the right. The canvas can be customized in the Exhibitor Portal Builder.


Setup Page

The Setup page lets you customize your company profile information, edit current users, and add more users.

Depending on the organizer’s setup, some company information fields can be unmodifiable.

Adding a New User

To add a new user, use the Add User hyperlink above the user list:


You will be prompted to enter the user's information and send an invitation:

Once a person is invited, they will receive an authentication code that they can login with on the Captello app and start capturing leads.

Depending on the event organizer’s setup, you may be able to buy additional user licenses if you need to add users beyond your license limit.

User Roles

There are three roles a user can have. They are primary, admin and staff.

A primary user: has access to the web-app portal as well as the mobile app. They can add staff to the portal. They can also promote staff to admins, or even replace themselves as a primary user.

A staff user: This is the default role for all invited users. A staff user only has access to the mobile app. They do not have credentials to login to the web-app, and can only access the Captello app using their email and authentication code.

An admin user: is a promoted staff user. An admin has the same access as the primary user, except for being able to replace the primary user.

Changing a Role of a User to Admin

Depending on the permissions given by the event organizer, exhibitors may be able to promote staff users to admins.

An admin user has the same permissions as a primary user.

To change the role of a user from staff to admin, click on the edit button besides their role, and select ‘Admin’

When a user is set to admin, they will receive an email to reset their password, and a link to login to the portal’s web-app.

Changing the Primary User

Depending on the permissions given by the event organizer, exhibitors may be able to change primary users inside portals.

There can only be one primary user per portal. To change the primary user, the desired replacement must be an admin.

Once the desired replacement is an admin, click on the edit icon besides their role and change it to Primary.

Editing a User’s Name and Phone Number

To edit a user, click on the edit button to the right of the user list:

You will be prompted to change the name and phone of the user:

Editing a User’s Email

A user’s email cannot be changed using the edit button, however, it can be changed by removing and re-adding the user. To remove/change a primary user, refer to 'Changing the Primary User' below

Lead Capture License

All users in the portal will be consuming a lead capture license by default. However, it can be disabled for the primary user and admin users if they do not need it, by disabling the ‘Lead Capture’ checkbox.

Staff members will always have the checkbox turned on, unless they are promoted.

Deleting a User

Primary users can be deleted by assigning another admin to be the primary user.

Other users can be deleted using the delete icon.

To delete a user, click on the delete icon to the right of the user:

Or you can select the user and click the delete hyperlink (useful for deleting multiple users at once):

Capture Form Page

The capture form page shows a preview of your capture form. It can also allow you to edit the capture form if the event organizer gives editing permission to your exhibitor group.

View Form

The ‘view form’ section shows you a preview of the capture form and allows you to edit it if you have permission to edit it.

Lead Capture QR Code

This section allows you to edit the web view QR code.

Customizing the QR Code

By clicking on ‘customize QR code’, customization options will appear.

Select the color and image and click ‘go' to apply the changes.

Here is an example of a customized QR code:

Follow Up Page

Shows your e-mail template and documents (used if your form includes a document request button):

If you set up an email template and uploaded documents then booth staff can select documents from their list of uploaded material. Documents will be sent electronically to the attendees email address after the lead is captured.

To add a document, click on the Documents card, then click Add Document from the top right corner of the page:

Leads Page

Shows a list of leads captured by the portal's capture form and allows the primary user to extract them:

Exporting leads

While logged in as a primary or admin user, go to the Leads Page, then click on the 'Export' button on the top right.

You will then be prompted to choose between the following:
Submissions: This report includes data that have been captured.
All Event Data: including submissions, event name, event date and event ID.

Upon clicking ‘Continue’, a spreadsheet will start downloading.

Reports Page

Offers analytics and statistics for each exhibitor.

Event Analytics

Launches the event’s dashboard, showing the event’s data in an organized way.

Question Stats

Statistics for every answered field in the capture form. It shows the percentage of each answer for all fields and the percentages for the capture method (Manual Entry vs. Scanning).

Training Page

Contains Frequently Asked Questions, contact number and contact email for our support team.

It also shows training material and videos that were added in the Exhibitor Portal Builder.

We offer a list of videos and a quick start guide to help training your staff:

End user quick start guide

Orders Page

New Order

The ‘New Order’ page offers a list of services for purchase at your event, such as Additional Lead Capture Users, Renting Devices, etc.

Downloading Invoices (Order History)

The ‘Order History’ page includes a list of invoices from previous purchases. Once an exhibitor has made a purchase they will be able to see and download their invoice.

My Services Page

The ‘My Services' shows a list of services you have purchased. It also allows you to view your developer kit credentials, if you have the developer kit service.

Viewing Developer Kit Credentials

To view your dev-kit credentials, click on the ‘Details' hyperlink for your developer kit.

For more information about using a developer kit, please refer to .



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