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Lead Liaison offers private labeling, also called white labeling or branding, for companies looking to brand Lead Liaison as their own solution. This document discusses how to setup private labeling for your organization. 

Licensed Feature

Private Labeling is a feature of Lead Liaison and must be enabled by a Lead Liaison Representative on your account.

Setting up Private Labeling

To set up private labeling do the following:

  • Navigate to App Setup > Account > Settings

Branding Section

  • From the Branding section:
  • Enter a Branding Name. The Branding Name is used in emails and various areas of the application. 
  • Add your logo. The ratio for logos is 5:1 (width should be 5x the height). Your logo will appear at the top left of the application, in email alerts/notifications, and more. 
  • Select your colors from the color palette. Each area of the application will have its own color scheme.

    If you'd like to start fresh, click the Reset button at the bottom of the Branding area.

Customizing Login Page

 To customize your login page, scroll down to the Login Page area.

Creating a Right Template

Before creating a template, you are required to create a Right Template.

A right template consists of an image, text, and (optionally) a button that appears on the right side of the login page.

You can use multiple right templates for the same login screen, so the image and text will be dynamic and will change each time you refresh the login page.

To create a Right Template,

  • Click on New Right Template
  • Fill in the template details. Only Name and Background Image are required, while the rest is optional.
  • Click Save

 Creating a Login Page Template

After creating a Right Template, you are now ready to create a login page template.

  • Under Login Page, click on New Template

  • Enter a name and choose a logo, and a right template. The rest is optional.
  • To apply the template to your login page, turn on the Set as Default toggle.
  • For more options, click on Advanced. Advanced options offer customization to the login button text, session expiry text and more.

  • Click Save.

Final Result

Here is an example of a customized login page:


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