Version 1.8m3


  • [LL-950] - Gear is not lined up in Step 1
  • [LL-959] - Backslash added to description on landing page when using commas
  • [LL-976] - No option for --None-- on Prospect Profile page which mirrors SFDC fields
  • [LL-977] - I added new account types in SFDC several days ago and they do not appear in the Type drop down when I'm trying to add a new account to SFDC
  • [LL-985] - In IE 10 the Audit tab on the Prospect Profile page does not load
  • [LL-988] - Not seeing any values on the My Leads page for customer


  • [LL-519] - Sort teams on Add User page
  • [LL-740] - Hide rename and delete links for Target Lists and Automation Lists in Connector
  • [LL-760] - In Step 2 of Automations show the same gear icon as Step 1 to rename the Campaign and change the description
  • [LL-761] - In addition to stripping the dash from a phone number strip a period as well
  • [LL-766] - Add additional user info for use in the Lead Owner Fields section when sending emails
  • [LL-823] - When formatting amounts, in this case the Annual Revenue, we need to format the value better
  • [LL-852] - Make Lead Grading action more dynamic to use ranges such as 3/3, 4/3, 5/3, 6/3, 7/3...
  • [LL-860] - Move Lead Distribution Settings to global Settings page
  • [LL-861] - Move System Fields tab to far left
  • [LL-862] - Do not show SMS alert option if there's no mobile information
  • [LL-981] - Add columns to Tracking URL and Referrer Domains, add "s" to end of Referrer Domain
  • [LL-986] - Renaming some text
  • [LL-987] - Minor improvements on tool tip info on web form designer
  • [LL-992] - Add two new condition operators - "greater than (or empty)" *and* "greater than or equals (or empty)"

New Feature

  • [LL-689] - Add a Hopper Setting called "Do not allow assignment of Hopper leads to most recent Lead Owner" and leave it unchecked by default.
  • [LL-690] - Add a new Team Permission "Assign Hopper Leads to Anyone" (turned on by default)
  • [LL-784] - Admins can set users Alert settings globally across Teams or per user
  • [LL-899] - Feature on Step 2 (Segmentation) and Step 3 (Automation) to not run on Corporate Holidays
  • [LL-909] - Repeat Action
  • [LL-975] - Add Programs/Campaigns tab with add to and remove from Program/Campaign capability


  • [LL-991] - Change a paragraph of text