Version 1.8m2


  • [LL-929] - Bug found in picture area of name drop down
  • [LL-932] - Random time zone entries on profile page in Default Time Zone drop down
  • [LL-969] - "Lead Liaison Marketing Data" section did not sync when I created a new SFDC Lead from Lead Liaison Prospect Profile page
  • [LL-979] - Bug in customer account


  • [LL-617] - Add option to display radio buttons horizontally or vertically
  • [LL-818] - Changing Lead Owner when importing lists into Connector
  • [LL-844] - Link "Published" on Manage Web Forms page to the Landing Page Designer
  • [LL-847] - Allow user to customize text next to the radio buttons displayed after clicking the unsubscribe link
  • [LL-849] - Add support for "Minute(s)" in Send Email action and Wait state
  • [LL-865] - Rename a few actions in automations and grammar correction
  • [LL-870] - Select "New form not on my website" by default and flip order of radio buttons
  • [LL-876] - Hide 2nd option on Favorite Alert if domain is a personal domain (,, etc.)
  • [LL-936] - Change success prompt in specific scenario
  • [LL-940] - Removing line on Web Form builder when no title and description is entered
  • [LL-953] - When creating a segmentation and choosing Continuously default to daily for list creation instead of hourly
  • [LL-954] - Add option to not pre-fill fields with business intelligence info collected from GeoIP and D&B and correct phone format
  • [LL-956] - Change "Match Prospects" and drop down values only on Segmentations
  • [LL-972] - Allow drag/drop campaign items from/to parent campaigns

New Feature

  • [LL-765] - Allow form pre-fill function to be disabled at the field level
  • [LL-879] - Clone Automations and Segmentations
  • [LL-881] - New Filter Criteria > Attributes > Synced to CRM
  • [LL-971] - Add lead scoring baseline feature
  • [LL-973] - Add the "Add to LL Campaign" action


  • [LL-916] - Add "Reset Sync" option to Admin Panel for SFDC Accounts
  • [LL-934] - Analysis of Machform integration with Lead Liaison - focus on Captcha
  • [LL-980] - Fix +Add button in multi-select