Parent/Child Accounts


For companies that require sub-accounts, Lead Liaison provides a Parent/Child Account structure. A Parent Account can have an unlimited number of Child Accounts associated with the Parent. This model is ideal for Marketing Agencies that need to manage multiple customer accounts. 

Accessing Child Accounts

Your Lead Liaison Representative will need to modify your account structure to enable your account as a Parent Account. Child Accounts will also need to be changed by your Lead Liaison Representative and added as a Child to your account. Once one or more Child Accounts have been assigned to your account the Child Account can begin granting login access on a user-by-user basis for the Parent Account.

Unless otherwise approved by the Parent and/or Child Account, the Child Account will be able to selectively delegate which Child Account users the Parent Account can login as. When a Parent Account has a Child Account assigned to it, users of the Parent Account can login as any authorized Child Account user. We suggest having the Admin of the Child Account create a new user for you on their Child Account. Lead Liaison allows new users with the same email address; however, the username must be unique. 

Using the Same Email Address

Lead Liaison permits the same email address used across multiple accounts as long as the username is unique. 

Viewing Assigned/Unassigned Child Accounts

To see which users have access to Child Accounts and what credentials they're using do the following:

  • Go to Settings > Users > All Users
  • Click the gear under the Actions column next to the user you want to inspect and select Assign Accounts

  • In the screenshot below, notice the Child First and Child Third accounts have no users that were granted login access. 

Authorizing User Access to Child Accounts

To authorize a user to access a child account do the following:

  • Go to the Users page under Settings > Users > All Users
  • Use the drop-down menu to the far right of user you want to assign accounts to and select Assign Accounts

  • Click the Allow Access button to grant this user login rights to the Child Account

  • To change who the user can login as click the pencil icon next to the account name and select the desired Child Account user. Remember, if you want to allow the user to login as himself/herself then a new user must be created on the Child Account. The same email address may be used.
  • Once you've selected the login user, click the save icon

Logging Into a Child Account

There are two ways to login to a Child Account once it's accessible to you. First, through the Accounts tab and second, from clicking your user account on the top right of the screen. To access Child Accounts from the top right of your screen the Child Account must be marked as a favorite. 

Viewing all Child Accounts and Favoriting an Account

To view all Child Accounts do the following:

  • Click your picture/name on the top right of the screen then select "+ Add account". 

  • On this page you'll see all Child Accounts assigned to your company:

  • To mark a Child Account as a favorite click the star. When a Child Account is a favorite it makes the account easily accessible when clicking your picture/name at the top right of the app.
  • Clicking the Login button next to any Child Account will log the user into the Child Account using the login information indicated. 

  • Note that these two accounts have been favorited, we can see them under the picture/name dropdown:

Managing Child Accounts

Admins Have Global Access to Child Accounts

Users with Admin rights can access all Child Accounts.

Switching to Different Accounts

Make sure you are logged in as a user on the Parent Account before you switch to different Child Accounts. Otherwise, logging in as a user on the Child Account will not allow switching between multiple Child Accounts or back to the Parent Account.

Logging Out

Logging out will log the user out of all accounts, not just the Child Account or Parent Account.

For a user that has access to Child Accounts, they can sort and search all Child Accounts easily using the Sort by dropdown and the search box to the right of the dropdown as shown in the screenshot below. This is an easy way to make sure your company is staying within the licensing rights of your Parent Account or each Child Account. Sorting by "# of Prospects" in the dropdown might help. 


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