Version 1.9m1


  • [LL-960] - Landing page bug with styling and saving information
  • [LL-978] - Number on form submission does not match the number of people on the results page - they should match
  • [LL-1001] - Prospect has First Name and Last Name but Full Name is not available
  • [LL-1011] - SFDC leads that are part of a SFDC campaign and converted to a contact were not showing up in our filter criteria


  • [LL-868] - Timeout issue after leaving Connector screen open for too long
  • [LL-974] - Show a gray text/example at the referrer domain campaign name, and add JS validation on the referrer domain
  • [LL-994] - Improve process matching so data is collected in chunks
  • [LL-995] - Make Captcha also support a web form embedded into a customer's web page
  • [LL-997] - Improve Email Marketing Statistics
  • [LL-1003] - Show Campaigns with (0) marketing items in it on the Manage Campaigns page

New Feature

  • [LL-569] - Not allowing form submissions from personal emails and redirecting competitors
  • [LL-590] - Enable access to customers account for support purposes
  • [LL-884] - At the admin panel, for each customer, allow admin to control maximum number of scheduled automations to run in real time
  • [LL-945] - Enhancement to social post - Add Activity History and activity count (inbound and total)


  • [LL-742] - Move /admin page to be behind app login screen
  • [LL-1004] - System cleanup (carefully) - customer, user and prospect data
  • [LL-1005] - System cleanup (carefully) - app and database structure for deprecated features
  • [LL-1006] - Setup monitor to investigate possible bug with email send action
  • [LL-1008] - Add Click Through and Open Rate Stats to 3 New Pages