Version 1.7m1


  • [LL-831] - Landing Page Designer popup shows underneath YouTube videos
  • [LL-892] - Duplicate management feature
  • [LL-920] - Missing name and description on web form causes issues with Automation and Landing Pages
  • [LL-921] - Show loading screen for Programs and Campaigns page and allow deletions of campaigns
  • [LL-925] - Today drop down on Distributed Lead report not working right & Load XML bug
  • [LL-926] - Button incorrectly named - Should be Next, Add Alert and it also skips to Step 4 vs Step 3
  • [LL-927] - "Processed Filters Successfully" showing up on the top of Step 1 after creating a Segmentation


  • [LL-864] - Alert email messages, buy signals, lead distribution, etc. are not formatted correctly in IE
  • [LL-918] - Trim Original Referral Source to 60 characters and add elipsis "..." at end
  • [LL-919] - Redirect to User's Default Landing Page after deleting a Prospect
  • [LL-922] - Minor updates to drop down

New Feature

  • [LL-448] - Make a bi-directional sync process between Connector and LL settings for contacts lists.
  • [LL-810] - Add checkbox on Buy Signals for inbound activity only
  • [LL-913] - Time limitation on availability status


  • [LL-795] - Permission issue on "file-uploads" directory


  • [LL-414] - Improve performance of a query that gets user activities in the last 5 minutes
  • [LL-415] - Troubleshoot a query that has different execution plans on Stage and Prod environments.